Ninjas & Rockstars

Haiku about computers and the creative, wonderful, and insane people who live by them

Hard Anonymity

Some snowflakes are one 
Leaking cloud file descriptors
A Sybil Attack


To deny the feels 
To deny humanity 
Are you a robot?

'O' Key Does Not Work

Keybard shrted ut 
Frm my many tears f jy 
key des nt wrk

Binary Lovers

You parse my headers 
We coerce each other's strings 
Segmentation fault


Much life reduced to 
Existing in databases 
Have you been outside?

Spaced Out

When a move is made 
Weeping can ensue

Precious Memories

If memory serves 
Forgive a grievous error 
My use after free

Uncommonly Rich Creative Summary License

Working from mindset 
Information could be free 
His life became hell

Crypto JuJu

Sprays of bits and clouds 
Appears thicker than pea soup 
The Data Shell Game™

Distributed Database

Add me to your cart 
To linger in Dynamo 
No one has to know
Brian Shumate
Work: distributed systems challenges with databases and working on the web — play: art, writing, programming and outdoor activities —
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